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measurement information division

Measurement information division is a process of breaking down information into smaller pieces so that it is easier to understand and measure. It's like when you have a big puzzle and you need to break it up into smaller pieces so you can put it all together. Similarly, when we have big packets of information, we split it up into little chunks so that we can better understand it.

Think of it like a cake. You can measure how big the cake is by looking at the whole thing, but if you want to know exactly how much cake you have, you need to cut it into smaller pieces (slices) and measure each one. Then you add up all the measurements from each slice to find the total amount of cake.

Measurement information division works the same way with information. We break it down into smaller parts so that we can understand each part better, and then we can use that information to measure and understand the bigger picture. For example, in a big company, we might break down information about sales into smaller parts such as individual products, customer types, and geographic regions. This makes it easier to understand which parts of the business are doing well and what needs improvement.

Overall, measurement information division helps us make sense of complex information by breaking it down into smaller parts that we can more easily measure, understand, and use to make decisions.