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night photography

Night photography is taking pictures when it's dark outside, like when you're in bed sleeping. But instead of sleeping, you take pictures of the world around you.

To take pictures at night, you need a special camera that can capture light even in the dark. The camera has a special setting called the "night mode" that helps it do this.

You also need to use something called a tripod to keep your camera still. This is because the camera needs to take a longer time to capture the light, and if the camera moves slightly, the picture can come out blurry.

To take really good pictures at night, you also need to think about the type of light that's around you. Sometimes the light can be too bright and make the picture look too bright. Other times, it can be too dark and make the picture too dark.

So, you might need to experiment with different camera settings and try different places to take your pictures until you get the perfect shot. But when you do, your pictures can look really cool and show a different side of the world that most people don't see when they're sleeping at night.
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