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outflow channels

Hey there little buddy! So, have you ever seen a river or a stream flow down from the mountains into the ground? Well, on a larger scale, planets and moons also have these flows of water or other liquids, but in space we call them "outflow channels."

Outflow channels are like really big, deep, and wide rivers on other planets and moons. They were formed a long time ago when there was a lot of liquid like water, lava, or mud flowing around the surface.

Now, you might be wondering how this happened. It’s because of things like meteorites, volcanoes, or even earthquakes that can cause the liquid to come out from under the surface and flow onto the ground.

These channels can be really long, like the Valles Marineris on Mars which is over 2000 miles long, or really deep like the Grand Canyon on Earth, but on a much larger scale.

Scientists find out about outflow channels by using special cameras and instruments on satellites and rovers to take pictures and measurements. This helps us learn about the history of other planets and moons and how they were formed.

So, now you know that outflow channels are like giant rivers in space that can be formed by things like meteorites and volcanoes. Cool, huh?
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