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power sharing

Have you ever played a game with your friends where you have to share the toys or sweets equally? That is power sharing! It is basically when people decide to share the power or control they have over something or someone, so that everyone gets a chance to participate and make important decisions.

In some countries, power is controlled by the government, but it is not always fair for everyone. Some people feel left out or they do not get a say in how things are run. Power sharing helps to make sure that everyone's voice is heard and that decisions are made for the good of everyone, not just a few people.

Power sharing can happen in different ways. For example, in some countries they have federal systems, which means power is shared between the national government and the state or province governments. This way, people in different areas get to make decisions that affect their community directly.

Another way of power sharing is when different groups of people from different backgrounds or cultures come together to share power. This is called power sharing between communities. When people from different communities share power, they are able to make decisions that represent all the different people in the communities and not just a few.

Overall, power sharing is a good thing because it helps to make sure that everyone has a say, and no one feels left out or marginalized. It also helps to promote equality and fairness in decision-making, which is important for making sure that everyone's needs are met.
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