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sahabi tree

Okay, so imagine a really big tree. Now imagine it's not just any tree, but a very special tree. This tree is called the "sahabi tree", which means "the companions' tree".

Now, you might be wondering who the companions are. Well, long, long ago, there was a man named Prophet Muhammad who taught people about Islam. He had some very good friends who followed him and learned from him. These friends were called "sahabis" or "companions".

The sahabi tree is important because it's believed that some of these sahabis used to sit under this tree and learn from Prophet Muhammad. They would ask him questions and he would teach them about Allah, the Quran, and how to be good Muslims.

Now, even though the actual tree doesn't exist anymore, people still talk about it and remember it as a special place where great teachings were given. It's a way to remember and honor those special friends of Prophet Muhammad who worked hard to spread the message of Islam.