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seismic hazard map

Okay kiddo, you know how we can feel the ground shaking when there's an earthquake, right? Well, scientists use special tools to measure how strong the shaking is in different places. They use all that information to make a map called a "seismic hazard map".

This map shows which areas are more likely to have strong earthquakes than others. The scientists can look at things like the type of rock in the ground, the history of past earthquakes, and how close the area is to a fault (where two pieces of the Earth's crust meet) to figure out the risk of a big quake happening.

This map is important because it helps people prepare for earthquakes. If you live in an area with a higher risk of earthquakes, you might need to make sure your home is built to withstand the shaking, and make an emergency plan for what to do during and after an earthquake. So, the seismic hazard map helps keep people safe and prepared for earthquakes!