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Seismic performance

Seismic performance is like what happens when you jump up and down on a trampoline. When you jump, the trampoline bounces up and down with you. But, if you jump too hard or too many times, the trampoline might start to get wobbly and unsteady. This is kind of what happens to buildings during an earthquake.

An earthquake is like a really big and powerful jump that makes the ground shake. When this happens, buildings can shake too. Buildings need to be designed to be strong and sturdy so that they don't fall down during an earthquake. This is called their "seismic performance."

Engineers who design buildings think very carefully about how they can make buildings as safe as possible during an earthquake. They use special materials, like steel, concrete, and wood, to make sure that the building can handle the shaking. They also use special techniques, called "seismic bracing," to keep the building's structure from getting wobbly or falling over.

In the end, seismic performance is all about making sure that the building you're in is safe during an earthquake. Just like how you would want your trampoline to be strong and sturdy so that you don't fall off and get hurt, you want your building to be strong and sturdy so that you don't get hurt during an earthquake.