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Shaktism is a way of believing in God in India that says that there is a powerful goddess named Shakti who is the source of all life and energy in the world. Some people believe that Shakti is the supreme being, and that everything else in the world is a part of her. Other people believe that Shakti is a manifestation of God, and that there are other important deities as well.

People who practice Shaktism often worship the goddess through rituals and ceremonies, and they may also use mantras and meditation to connect with her. They believe that Shakti can help them with many things, from getting good luck and health to finding inner peace and enlightenment.

Some of the things that Shaktism focuses on include the power of creation, destruction, and transformation, as well as the balance between male and female aspects of divinity. This is why the goddess is often depicted as both nurturing and fierce, and why many of the rituals involve balancing different energies.

Overall, Shaktism is a way of connecting with the divine feminine and recognizing the power of nature and energy in the universe.
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