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sun salutation

Sun Salutation is a sequence of yoga poses. It is often done in the morning to wake up the body and get your muscles ready for the day. To do a Sun Salutation, you start by standing with your feet together and your arms above your head. Then you bend down and touch your toes. After that, you spread your legs apart and reach your arms up to the sky. As you do this, you are inhaling deeply. Next, you place your hands on the ground and bend your knees. You then jump your feet back into a “plank” position, Keeping your head slightly tucked and your shoulders back. Then, you lower your body all the way to the ground. As you do this, you are exhaling deeply. Now, you push your body back up, still keeping your arms straight and your head tucked in. As you come back up, you are inhaling deeply. Finally, you jump your legs back in between your hands and stand up, with your arms still in the air and your feet together, like when you started. As you come back to standing, you exhale deeply. This completes one Sun Salutation.
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