ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

shared memory

Shared memory is like a big table that many people can use to work together on a project. Imagine you and your friends want to build a toy castle, but you can't all fit in your room to work on it at the same time. So, you set up a big table in the middle of the room, and everyone brings their own toy pieces to add to the castle.

This is how shared memory works. It's a space in your computer that different programs can use to communicate with each other. Instead of each program working in its own little world, they can share pieces of data, like numbers or words or pictures, so they can work together on a bigger project.

Just like how you and your friends agree on what pieces of the toy castle to add next, programs have to agree on how to use the shared memory. They have to be careful not to overwrite or mess up each other's work.

But when it works, shared memory can help programs work faster and more efficiently, just like how building your toy castle together made it more fun and impressive than if you had each worked on your own.