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ship breaking

Ship breaking means taking apart old ships that can no longer sail. Just like a toy that doesn't work anymore, we take it apart to study how it was made and to use the parts for other things.

Ships are very big and heavy, so they have to be taken apart carefully. This is usually done by workers who use metal-cutting machines and other heavy equipment. They have to be very careful so that they don't damage the ship's parts or hurt themselves.

When a ship is taken apart, we can reuse many parts such as steel, copper, and other materials. These materials are very useful for building new things like cars, bridges, and buildings. The parts that we can't use anymore, like old furniture and appliances, are sent to be recycled or disposed of properly.

Ship breaking is important because it helps us reuse materials and reduce waste. It also creates jobs for people who work in shipyards and recycling facilities. However, it is important to make sure that the workers are safe and that the process is done in an environmentally friendly way.