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sortition law

Okay kiddo, have you ever played a game where you put everyone's name in a hat and then someone picks a name randomly? That's sort of like what sortition law is.

In sortition law, instead of picking names for a game, they use it to pick people to do important government jobs. This can include things like choosing members of a jury, selecting officials for a city council, or putting together an assembly to make decisions.

The idea behind sortition law is that it helps make things fair for everyone. When it comes to governing, it's important that everyone's voice is heard and that people from different backgrounds get a chance to serve in important positions. By using sortition, it helps make sure that decisions are being made by a diverse group of people, rather than just those who are wealthy or well-connected.

So, sortition law is a way of randomly selecting people to do important government jobs, so that everyone has a fair chance to participate and have their voice heard.