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stan (fan)

Stan is a word that means you really, really like someone or something. It can be a celebrity, a TV show, a book or anything else that makes you so happy that you can't stop thinking about it. When you stan someone or something, you become a big fan and you want to know everything about it. You might follow their social media accounts, wear clothes with their name on it or even decorate your room with pictures of them.

The word "stan" comes from a song by a rapper named Eminem, where he tells a story about a fan who is so obsessed with him that he does crazy things. This fan, named Stan, writes letters to Eminem but gets angrier and angrier when Eminem doesn't respond. The song is a warning about how dangerous it can be to become too obsessed with someone.

So, while it's okay to really like something or someone, it's important to remember to always stay safe and not to become too obsessed.
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