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star polyhedron

Imagine you have a bunch of sticks that you want to connect together to make a star. But instead of just connecting them at the tips, you connect them all together in such a way that the sticks create a shape with flat sides, like a ball.

This is what a star polyhedron looks like. It is made up of sticks (or edges) connected together at certain points (or vertices) to create a 3D shape with flat sides (or faces).

Think of it like building a house with Lego blocks - you connect the pieces together to form the shape of the house, but instead of just four walls and a roof, a star polyhedron has many more shapes and angles.

These kinds of shapes are really useful for creating things like models of molecules in chemistry, or models of viruses in biology. They help scientists and researchers better understand how these things are built and how they work.

So next time you’re playing with Lego or building blocks, see if you can make your own star polyhedron!
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