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turnaround (road)

Have you ever gone on a car ride and realized that you were going the wrong way? Maybe you took a wrong turn or missed your exit. A turnaround, also known as a U-turn, is a special part of the road where you can turn your car around and go back the other way.

Turnarounds are usually shaped like a big "U" and are marked with special signs to show you where they are. When you want to use a turnaround, you will need to slow down and make sure that there is no other traffic coming. Once you see that it is safe, you can make a full turn and start driving in the opposite direction.

Turnarounds are important for many reasons. They help us get back on track when we get lost or take a wrong turn. They also help us avoid long detours and save time. However, it is important to remember that not all roads allow U-turns, and we should always follow the rules of the road to stay safe.