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virtual karyotype

A virtual karyotype is like a map or a picture of all the chromosomes in a person's body. Chromosomes are like little packages that carry a person's genetic information. A karyotype helps doctors look at all the chromosomes in a person's body to see if there are any problems or differences that might cause health issues.

But instead of looking at the chromosomes under a microscope like scientists did in the past, a virtual karyotype uses special computer programs to create a picture of the chromosomes. The program takes pictures of the chromosomes and arranges them in a certain order so doctors can see all of them at once.

This is helpful because sometimes people can have problems with their chromosomes that can't be seen with a microscope. For example, sometimes there can be extra or missing parts of the chromosomes that aren't visible under a microscope. But with a virtual karyotype, doctors can zoom in and look at the details of each chromosome to find these problems. And once they find these problems, doctors can create a treatment plan to help the person.
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