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why cia more sciency than nasa

Okay, so there are these organizations called CIA and NASA. CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency and NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Both of them do really cool jobs but in different ways.

CIA's job is to keep our country safe by gathering information and analyzing it. They use a lot of science to do this, like technology to spy on bad guys and computers to process all the data they collect. They also study languages and cultures to help understand people from different parts of the world.

NASA's job is to explore space and learn about the universe. They use science to do this too, but it's a different kind of science. They use things like physics and astronomy to design rockets and satellites that can travel into space. They study planets and stars to understand how they work and what they're made of.

So in some ways, both CIA and NASA are "sciency," but they use science in different ways. CIA uses science to gather and analyze information to keep us safe, while NASA uses science to explore and learn about the universe.