ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


Continuance means something that continues or goes on without stopping. Do you know how when you are playing with your toy and you don't want to stop even when it is time for dinner? That is continuance! It is like a never-ending game that goes on and on.

In court, it means when a case doesn't finish in one day, and it needs to continue on another day. Just like how a game or playtime can't always finish in one sitting, so some court cases can't finish in one day. So, they have to continue until a decision can be reached.

For example, if you saw someone steal your toy from your room, the police might arrest that person, and a court case might start to figure out if they really did steal your toy or not. If the case is too complicated or too long, the judge might decide that they need to continue the case to another day or even a couple of days until they can come to a fair decision.

So, think of continuance like playing a game or playing with your toy - sometimes things can't be finished in one go, and they have to continue until everything is sorted out.