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Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Cowboy mounted shooting is a sport where cowboys and cowgirls ride horses and shoot at targets while they ride. The targets are usually balloons or metal plates with patterns on them.

The rider carries a gun and has to shoot at the target while riding their horse. They have to be very fast and accurate. The horse and rider have to work together to win the competition.

Sometimes, the targets are arranged in a pattern that the rider has to shoot at in a certain order. They might have to shoot one target while riding to the left and another while riding to the right.

Cowboy mounted shooting is not dangerous if the safety rules are followed. The riders wear safety gear like helmets and protective clothing. The guns are modified so that they can't shoot a bullet. Instead, they shoot blanks or special bullets that won't hurt anyone.

It's a fun and exciting sport to watch and participate in. It celebrates the skills and abilities of cowboys and cowgirls and their horses.
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