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Days of the week

Okay kiddo, so there are seven days in a week. Each day is named after a different planet or a god. Do you want to know the names of the days and what they mean?

Monday, the first day of the week, is named after the Moon. The Moon is said to represent our emotions.

Tuesday is named after Mars, the God of War. Tuesday is named after the planet since it falls under the influence of Mars.

Wednesday is named after Odin, the chief god in Norse mythology. Odin is associated with wisdom and knowledge.

Thursday is named after Thor, the God of Thunder. Thor was the protector of humankind and had the responsibility of the weather.

Friday is named after Frigg, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. She’s the wife of Odin in Norse mythology.

Saturday is named after Saturn, the planet that was associated with the god of agriculture.

Sunday is named after the Sun. It is the day dedicated to rest and recuperation.
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