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Equestrian helmet

An equestrian helmet is a special kind of hat that people wear when horse-back riding to keep their head safe. It is very important to wear a helmet when horse-back riding because if you fall off the horse or something hits your head, it can be very dangerous.

The helmet has a hard outer shell made of plastic or fiberglass that helps protect your head from getting hurt. Inside the helmet, there is a soft cushion that helps absorb shock and keep your head comfortable.

The helmet also has straps that go underneath your chin and keep it in place while you ride. It's important to adjust the straps so that the helmet fits snugly on your head.

When you are horse-back riding, make sure to always wear your helmet correctly. Don't wear it too loose, and make sure it's not tilted back on your head. You should wear it so that it covers your forehead and the back of your head.

Remember, wearing an equestrian helmet can help keep you safe when you're horse-back riding, so always wear one!