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Geodesic grid

Imagine that you have a big beach ball, and you want to cover it with patches that are shaped like hexagons. This is called a geodesic grid – a special way of dividing a sphere into geometric shapes that fit together nicely without any gaps.

Now, to make this grid, we need to first draw a pattern of lines on the ball that look like they're forming triangles. Think of these triangles as the building blocks for your hexagon-shaped patches. These triangles are called vertices, and they will determine where the corners of your hexagons will be.

Next, we connect these vertices with lines to create a set of triangles that cover the entire sphere. This is a bit like connecting the dots on a coloring book page, but in three dimensions.

Finally, we turn these triangles into hexagons by adding extra lines that bisect each face. Now we have a geodesic grid, with perfectly shaped hexagons covering the sphere. This grid is useful for many things, such as mapping the surface of the Earth, designing architectural structures, and even creating some types of art!