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Grammatical conjunction

A conjunction is a type of word that helps us join two things together. It's like having a toy that comes in two pieces, and you need to connect them to make one whole toy.

In grammar, a conjunction is a word that connects two sentences or two parts of a sentence. It's like a little helper that makes sure all the words make sense and work together.

The most common conjunctions are "and", "or", and "but". For example, if you want to say "I like apples and bananas", the word "and" helps you join those two things together in one sentence.

Another example is "I can go outside or stay inside." Here the word "or" joins the two options together to show that you have a choice.

Lastly, the word "but" is used when you want to show a contrast between two things. For instance, "I want to go to the park, but it's raining outside." In this sentence, the word "but" helps to show that there are two different things happening - you want to do one thing, but something else is getting in the way.

Overall, conjunctions are like little helpers in a sentence that connect different things together to show how they relate to each other.