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IOWN Global Forum

Okay kiddo, let me explain to you what iown global forum is. You know how sometimes people talk to each other on the internet using messaging apps or social media? Well, sometimes people want to talk about important things like how to solve problems in their communities, or how to make the world a better place.

That's where iown global forum comes in! It's a special website where people from all over the world can come together to have these important conversations. This website is like a big virtual room where people sit down at their computers and chat with each other in different groups called "forums".

Each forum is like a special table where people can talk about specific topics like politics, climate change, technology, or human rights. And the cool thing is, lots of important people from different parts of the world visit these forums to share their ideas and listen to other people's ideas.

So, in a way, iown global forum is like a big meeting place where people can talk about important things and work together to come up with solutions. It's kind of like having a big brainstorming session with friends from all over the world, but doing it online instead of in person.

I hope that helps you understand what iown global forum is all about!