ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

Ordered field

An ordered field is like a playground with lots of rules. Let's say you're on a seesaw, and you have to make sure that you and your friend on the other side stay balanced. This means that if your friend is heavier than you, they need to sit closer to the middle of the seesaw, so that it doesn't tip too far one way.

In an ordered field, there are rules for how different numbers relate to each other. We can say that some numbers are "bigger" or "smaller" than others, just like you and your friend on the seesaw. But we need to make sure that these rules stay balanced, so that we don't end up with weird or inconsistent results.

For example, let's say we have the numbers 2 and 3. We know that 3 is "bigger" than 2, so we write 2 < 3 (which means "2 is less than 3"). But we also know that, if we add 1 to both of these numbers, 3 + 1 will still be "bigger" than 2 + 1. So we can write:

2 + 1 < 3 + 1

which is the same as:

3 > 2

These rules make sure that we can do things like add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers, and still get consistent results no matter what. It's like making sure that everyone on the playground follows the same rules for seesaws and swings, so that everyone can have fun and no one gets hurt.