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Responsive predicate

Okay kiddo, have you ever seen how some websites look different when you use them on a big computer screen and when you use them on a small phone screen? That's because the designers of those websites made them "responsive". This means that the websites can adjust themselves to look good on different sizes of screens.

Now, to make a website responsive, the designers need to use some special instructions that tell the website how to change its size, shape, and position of different elements when the screen size changes. One of these instructions is called a "responsive predicate".

Think of it like a rulebook that the website follows to know what to do when it's shown on different screens. It has a bunch of "if-then" statements, like "if the screen is big, then the text should be big too" or "if the screen is small, then the menu should be hidden until the user taps a button".

The responsive predicate is like the referee that keeps score and makes sure that the website looks good and works well no matter what device it's being used on. So, the next time you switch from your tablet to your mom's phone and the website still looks good, you'll know it's because the website is using a responsive predicate!