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Hey kiddo! Have you ever heard of endolith? It's a really cool word that refers to tiny creatures that live inside rocks!

Yes, rocks! Do you remember those hard things that we sometimes see outside? Well, these creatures live inside them and they are really good at surviving in tough environments.

They don't need the sun or air to survive. Instead, they use minerals found inside the rock, and some of them can even use radiation!

Some endoliths, like bacteria and fungi, use the energy from the minerals to live, while others, like nematodes, eat algae that grows on the rocks.

Did you know that endoliths can be found all over the world, even in the most extreme places like the bottom of the ocean, in glaciers and in hot springs?

Even though they are small, endoliths are really important because they help break down rocks and minerals, and they also play a role in shaping the planet's surface over thousands of years.

So, isn't that fascinating? These little creatures are tough, clever and everywhere!
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