ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

ground plane

So imagine you have a toy car that runs on a track. The track is like the ground plane for the car. It helps the car move smoothly and quickly without any bumps or disruptions.

In electronics, a ground plane is kind of like that track for the electricity. It's a really important part of the circuit board that helps the electricity move around smoothly and without any disruptions.

The ground plane is usually a flat, metal layer on the bottom of the circuit board. All the different parts of the circuit board are connected to the ground plane, which helps create a stable, uniform electrical environment. This is important because if the electricity is unstable or varies too much, it can cause problems like interference or even damage to the circuit board.

So basically, the ground plane is a very important part of electronic circuits that helps the electricity move around smoothly and safely. It's like a track for the electricity to follow, just like the track for the toy car.