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marginal employment

Marginal employment means that a person is working for a small number of hours or for low wages. It is like when you only do a little bit of work, like cleaning up your room for just a few minutes each day instead of doing it all at once. Marginal employment is also when someone works in a job that is not very important or skilled, like watering plants or doing other small tasks.

Sometimes, people who are just starting out in the workforce, like teenagers or people who have just moved to a new place, may have to take marginal employment because they don't have the skills or experience for other, more professional jobs.

While marginal employment can be a helpful way for people to earn some money, it can also be hard to make ends meet when a person is only working a few hours or for low wages. It is important for employers to pay their workers fairly and to provide opportunities for growth and advancement so that people can work their way up to better jobs.