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odisha state child protection society

The Odisha State Child Protection Society is a group of people who work together to make sure that children in Odisha, a state in India, are protected and taken care of. They make sure that all children in Odisha are safe, healthy, and happy.

Think of it like a big group of grown-ups who make sure that everything is okay for kids. They work with the government, schools, hospitals, and other organizations to make sure that children are protected from harm and danger.

The society has different programs to help children in different ways. They may help children who have been abused or neglected, provide education and training for parents to learn how to take care of their children, or give support to children with disabilities.

The ultimate goal of the Odisha State Child Protection Society is to make sure that every child in Odisha has a safe and caring environment to grow up in. They help to create a world where no child goes without food, shelter, education, and love.