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open-source advocacy

Open-source advocacy means telling people about the benefits of using open-source software.

So, imagine you have a toy. If you want to share that toy with your friends, you can just let them use it. This is like open-source software. People create software and then they let others use it for free. They give out the "code" which is like the instructions for how to play with the toy.

Open-source also allows people to change the toy or make a different version of it. This is like people changing the code of the software to make it better or make it work how they want it to work.

Open-source advocacy is like telling everyone in your class about your awesome toy and why they should play with it. You tell them about how it's free and how it can be improved or customized to their liking.

Open-source software is important because it allows everyone to access and use software without any restrictions, like having to pay money for it. It also encourages collaboration and transparency in the development process.

In short, open-source advocacy means spreading the word about the benefits of free and open-source software to encourage more people to use it, collaborate on it, and make it even better.
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