ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

radar picket

Okay kiddo, imagine you're playing hide and seek with your friends in a big park. You're the seeker and you need to find your friends who are hiding. But what if your friends have a special tool that will tell them where you are because they can see you with their special glasses? That's kind of what a radar picket is in the military.

In a big war, a country might want to protect its ships from bad guys who might attack them using planes. So they send out some special ships called radar pickets. These ships have special radars that can detect planes from far away. When a plane is detected, the radar picket sends a message to the other ships in the fleet telling them to watch out for the planes and get ready to defend themselves.

So the radar picket is like the kid with the special glasses in our game of hide and seek. It can see things that other ships can't, and it helps keep everyone safe.