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serial peripheral interface

Serial peripheral interface (SPI) is a way that different electronic devices can talk to each other so they can work together.

Think of it like a bunch of friends standing in a circle, and they all want to take turns talking to each other. In this circle, each friend has a specific time when they can talk and everyone else needs to listen. This is known as a "serial" communication and it helps everyone stay organized.

Each device in the circle has a job to do, and they need to talk to each other to make sure everything is going according to plan. For example, if one device is a robot arm and another device is a sensor, they need to communicate to make sure the arm moves correctly when the sensor detects something.

To communicate, the devices use "pins", which are like little gates that can open and close to let electrical signals through. Each device has its own set of pins that it uses to talk to other devices.

So, in the circle of friends, each friend has a set of hands that they use to pass messages around. They might pass notes or make hand signals to communicate with each other. This is similar to how devices use pins to send and receive signals.

Finally, the "interface" part of SPI just means that each device has a specific way of communicating with each other. It's like everyone in the circle has agreed to speak the same language so they can all understand each other.

Overall, SPI is a way for different electronic devices to talk to each other so they can work together to get things done. Just like how friends in a circle need to communicate to have fun, electronic devices need to communicate to get their jobs done!