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skyline logging

Skyline logging is like playing a game of Jenga with really tall buildings.

Imagine you are building a tower out of blocks, but instead of taking blocks out from the bottom and putting them on top, you take them out from the middle of the tower. As you take out more and more blocks, the tower becomes wobbly and unstable.

Skyline logging is kind of like that, but with real buildings! Instead of blocks, big machinery takes out sections of the middle of tall trees to use for things like paper, furniture, and buildings.

As more and more trees are cut down, the skyline of the forest changes - the tallest trees are gone, and smaller trees and shrubs take their place. This can also lead to changes in the types of animals and plants that live in the forest.

So, skyline logging is a way people can use natural resources, but it can also have a big impact on the environment. Just like with Jenga, you have to be careful and think about the consequences before taking out too many pieces.
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