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state of charge

Alright kiddo, let me explain to you what state of charge means. Imagine your favorite toy that requires batteries to work, like your remote control car. When the batteries are new and fresh, they work really well and make the toy go really fast. As you keep playing with the car, the batteries start to get used up and eventually run out of energy.

That's what we call the state of charge. It's a way to measure how much energy the batteries have left. So when the batteries are new, the state of charge is high because they have a lot of energy. But as you keep playing with the car, the state of charge decreases because the batteries have less and less energy.

The same concept applies to other things that use batteries, like phones or laptops. The state of charge tells you how much battery life is left, so you know when to recharge them. It's like a little fuel gauge that tells you how much energy is left in your battery.

So remember, state of charge is just a fancy way of saying how much energy is left in your batteries or device. And just like how you need to recharge your remote control car when the batteries are low, you also need to recharge your phone or laptop when the state of charge is low.