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Artificial immune system

An artificial immune system is like having a bodyguard that protects you from bad people. Just like how our body has an immune system that fights off germs and viruses, a computer program can also have an immune system to protect it from harmful attacks by identifying and destroying harmful computer viruses, worms or Trojan horses that could cause harm to the computer.

This artificial immune system works just like a real immune system - it recognizes threats that are unfamiliar or unusual, and protect against them. The program has a set of rules that it follows to identify invaders and then activates immune cells to attack and destroy them. The system also remembers the past threats and potential threats, so it can quickly identify and eliminate them if they come up again in the future.

For example, imagine a program is like a castle and viruses are like enemy soldiers trying to attack it. The artificial immune system is like the castle's army, watching over it and defending it. If a virus tries to enter the castle and the army doesn't recognize him as a friendly soldier, they will fight off and kill him.

The artificial immune system can prove to be very useful in preventing cyber-attacks and protecting the computer, just like how our body's immune system is important in protecting and keeping us healthy.