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Limb development

Limb development is when the arms and legs grow and get bigger inside a baby's body before they are born. Think of it like when you plant a seed in the ground and a flower starts to grow from it. Inside a baby's body, there are special cells that help create the bones, muscles, and skin of their arms and legs.

At first, the cells start to clump together and form little buds where the arms and legs will be. It's like when you squish play-doh into a shape. As the buds grow, they get longer and start to curve into different shapes that look like arms and legs.

Inside the arms and legs, more cells start to work together to create things like fingers and toes. It's like how you use your hands and fingers to create something out of play-doh. As the arms and legs get bigger and stronger, they're able to move and stretch out more.

So just like how a flower grows from a seed, a baby's limbs grow from little buds and cells working together to form arms and legs. And when the baby is born, their arms and legs will be ready to explore and play in the big, wide world.
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