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Optronics is a word that scientists use to describe a bunch of different instruments that help us see things that are too far away or too small for us to see without help. It's like a pair of super-crazy glasses that let us see things clearly that we normally could not see.

Optronics uses different types of technology to help us see things better. For example, telescopes use lenses to magnify faraway objects, while microscopes help us see tiny things up close by using mirrors and lenses. Cameras also use optronics to capture images and videos by using lenses, sensors, and other parts.

Scientists use all kinds of tools with optronics to do different things, like measure the light coming from stars or other objects, see very small things like cells under a microscope, or use cameras to help capture important moments in our lives.

In summary, optronics is the use of instruments that help us see things better, whether they're too far away or too small for us to see with just our eyes, and they are important tools for scientists to learn more about the world around us.