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Sit-down strike

A sit-down strike is when workers decide to protest by sitting down and refusing to work. It's like when you're playing a game with your friends and one of them takes away the ball and sits down to show they're upset. Except instead of a game, it's their job and instead of just one person, a whole group of people are doing it together.

Usually, when people go on strike, they leave their workplace and go outside to protest. But with a sit-down strike, they stay inside and just sit down. It can be really powerful because if they're sitting in a place where they're supposed to be working, then no one else can come in and take over their job.

The reason why people do sit-down strikes is because they believe that something isn't fair at their job. Maybe they're not getting paid enough, maybe their boss isn't treating them well, or maybe the company isn't following the rules. They want to bring attention to the problem and force their bosses to listen to them and make things better.

Sometimes, sit-down strikes can be risky because a company might call the police to remove the workers or try to fire them. But when they work, sit-down strikes can lead to better working conditions and more rights for workers.
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