ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


Snakes are animals that look like long, thin tubes with smooth skin. They don't have legs, ears or eyelids, but they have very sharp teeth and can stick their tongues out really far.

Snakes can be found all over the world, from the jungle to the desert, and they come in different colors and sizes. Some snakes are small and harmless, while others can grow really big and are venomous, which means they have a special kind of spit that can make you sick or hurt you.

Snakes are very curious and sneaky creatures – they like to hide and slither around without being noticed. They like to eat small animals, like frogs or mice, and they use their sharp teeth to catch their prey. Snakes are very important for the environment because they can help control the population of other animals.

If you ever see a snake, it is important to stay calm and give it space. Remember, most snakes are harmless and just want to be left alone. If you are ever unsure if it is safe to be around a snake, it is always best to ask an adult for help.