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Taxation in the United States

Taxation in the United States is how the government pays for things to make our country work. When you buy things, like toys or candy, you pay a little bit extra called a sales tax. The government uses this money to build roads, schools, and hospitals, and to pay for things like the police and firefighters.

When you grow up and start earning money, you will have to pay something called an income tax. This is a percentage of the money you earn from your job or other sources of income. The government uses this money to keep helping out our country and make sure everyone has what they need.

Some people get really upset about paying taxes, but it’s important to remember that taxes help us all. Without taxes, we wouldn’t be able to afford things like roads, schools, and hospitals. So, even though it might not be fun to pay taxes, it’s important to do so we can all live in a healthy and happy country.