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Okay kiddo, so have you ever heard of roller coasters? They're really big rides that go up and down and all around! Well, Valravn is a special type of roller coaster that is very tall and very fast.

Imagine you're on the ride and you're going up, up, up to the very top of the first hill. You can see so far and it's a little bit scary but also very exciting! Then, you start to go down, down, down super fast and it feels like you're flying!

Valravn is also special because it has something called "dive coaster" technology. This means that it takes riders on a big drop at a 90 degree angle, like diving straight down into the water! It's very intense and thrilling, but don't worry, you'll be safe in your seat with a special harness to keep you secure.

Overall, Valravn is a really exciting and unique roller coaster that is sure to give you a ride you'll never forget!
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