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bhakti yoga

Bhakti yoga is a type of yoga where people believe that they can get closer to God by showing an intense devotion and love towards Him. It is like loving your favorite hero, but even deeper because you feel a connection to the divine.

In bhakti yoga, people express their devotion to God in many ways, like singing songs, chanting mantras, dancing, praying, and reading holy books. It is like saying thank you to your superhero for saving you.

Some people even believe that by dedicating everything they do to God, they can reach a state of pure love and happiness, and their souls blend with God's. It is like becoming best friends with your hero and feeling happy and at peace with yourself.

Overall, bhakti yoga is all about loving God, expressing that love and devotion in many different ways, and trying to become one with the divine. It is a beautiful way to find inner peace and happiness while discovering the power of love and gratitude.
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