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history of northumberland

Northumberland is a place in England that has been around for a very long time - even longer than your grandparents or great-grandparents!

Back in the olden days, lots of different groups of people lived in Northumberland. Some of these groups were the Romans, who built big forts and walls in the area to protect themselves from other groups of people. Some were the Anglo-Saxons, who came over from Germany and settled in Northumberland around 1,500 years ago.

As time went on, Northumberland became an important place for kings and queens. The famous King Arthur and his knights are said to have battled in Northumberland, and there were many castles built in the area to protect the land.

Later on, Northumberland became very important in the industry of mining. This means that people would dig deep underground to extract coal, which could then be used to make energy. Lots of people worked in the mines and lived in small towns and villages around Northumberland.

Today, Northumberland is a beautiful place to visit with lots of castles, beaches, and countryside to explore. It has a rich history and is still an important place for people to live and work.