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scan line

Imagine you have a bunch of papers with lines on them, and you want to color in the spaces between the lines. A scan line is like a moving magnifying glass that goes across the paper and colors in each little space it finds as it moves.

In the world of computers, a scan line is a similar concept. It's a straight line that moves across the computer screen, pixel by pixel. As the scan line moves, it checks each pixel it passes over to see what color it should be. This is important for things like drawing graphics or displaying images on a monitor.

Think of it like a car driving down a road and checking each house it passes. The scan line is the car, and each house is a pixel on the screen. The car driver looks at the map to know where to go and what color each pixel should be.

Overall, the scan line is just a way for computers to color in pictures or graphics pixel by pixel. It's like coloring in a coloring book, but the computer does it really, really fast so we see the picture come together in just a few moments.
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