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Labour and employment law

Labour and employment law are a set of rules that are made by the government to protect people who work for a living. These laws are designed to ensure that employees are treated fairly and are not taken advantage of by their employers.

Think of it like this: Say you have a favorite toy that you really love to play with. You want to make sure that nobody takes it away from you or breaks it. Labour and employment laws are the rules that help protect you and your toy.

These laws cover a lot of different things, such as how much money a person must be paid for their work, how many hours they can work in a week, what safety standards must be followed in the workplace, and what benefits they are entitled to.

For example, if your mom is working at a bakery, she has the right to be paid a certain amount of money for each hour that she works. She also has the right to take breaks during the day so that she doesn't get too tired or overworked. And if there's anything dangerous in the bakery, like a hot oven, there needs to be safety measures in place to make sure she doesn't hurt herself.

Labour and employment laws also protect workers against discrimination. This means that nobody can be treated differently because of their race, age, gender, religion, or any other characteristic.

In short, labour and employment laws are the rules that help protect people who work for a living. They make sure that everyone is treated fairly and that nobody is taken advantage of by their employer.