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Terrestrial locomotion

Terrestrial locomotion means how animals move on land using their legs or other body parts. To make it simple to understand, imagine you are walking on two legs. In the same way, animals like dogs, cats, giraffes, elephants, and even bugs like ants and beetles move on land using their legs or support structures.

Each animal has a unique way of moving. For example, you might have seen a horse gallop, which is when all four of its legs move at a high speed in a jumping motion. Or you might have seen a snake slither around which is when it moves by making wavy movements with its body.

Some animals have adapted in unique ways to move faster, climb trees, or even glide in the air. For instance, monkeys and apes have evolved long, flexible limbs and prehensile tails which allow them to hang on trees and swing from branch to branch. Similarly, kangaroos have strong hind legs to hop at great speed while some birds can fly using their wings.

In summary, terrestrial locomotion refers to how different animals move on land depending on their body structure and environment.