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Undulatory locomotion

Undulatory locomotion is the way animals move by creating waves in their body or tail. Think about how a snake moves or how a fish swims- they both undulate their bodies.

It's like when you wiggle your body and move your arms up and down like a worm, you are undulating. This movement helps animals move through different environments like water or rough terrain.

When a snake moves, it pushes its muscles forward to create a wave along its body, which propels it forward. The same goes for fish, they use undulation to swim as they move their tail from side to side. Other animals like worms, eels, and even some robots use undulatory locomotion to move around.

Undulatory locomotion is an efficient way for animals to move since it uses less energy than other forms of movement like walking or running. Plus, it can help animals move smoothly through different obstacles and environments.