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Timeline of computer viruses and worms

Ok, so imagine you have a computer. This computer can do lots of cool things like play games, watch videos and talk to your friends. But sometimes, bad people can create sneaky things called viruses and worms that can make your computer stop doing those cool things and instead make it do bad things that you do not want it to do.

A long time ago, in 1971, a man named Bob Thomas made the first ever computer virus. It was not made to hurt anyone, it was just a fun game. But as time went on, bad people started to make viruses on purpose to hurt others.

The first worm was created in 1988 by a man named Robert Morris. This worm spread very quickly and caused lots of computers to crash. This was the first time people realized that they needed to protect their computers from these bad viruses and worms.

From then on, people started to make anti-virus software to protect their computers. But as people made better protection, the bad people still kept making new viruses and worms that were even sneakier and harder to catch.

Today, there are thousands of different viruses and worms that can harm your computer. But there are also lots of really smart people who work every day to protect your computer and keep it safe. So, always remember to keep your anti-virus software updated and to be careful when clicking on things online!