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high society (group)

High society is a group of people who are very rich, fancy, and important in their community. Imagine you and your friends love playing with dolls and toys, but you have one friend who only likes wearing fancy dresses, going to expensive parties, and speaking in a fancy way. That friend is part of high society.

High society people often have lots of money and status, which means they usually have big houses, fancy cars, and expensive clothes. They also often know other important people, such as politicians, celebrities, and successful businesspeople.

What's important to remember is that being part of high society usually means following certain rules and traditions. For example, they might eat certain types of food or wear certain clothes to fit in with their group. They also tend to only socialize with other people in high society.

In summary, high society is a group of very wealthy and important people who often follow strict traditions and rules to maintain their status.